Health Coaching & Services

As a Master Certified Health Coach, I provide multiple services for those looking to improve their health and wellness. These services include individual coaching and specialized health workshops on various wellness topics. I also focus on stress-management and improving your mindset to achieve a happier and healthier life.
Other services include: smart shopping, revamping your pantry, cooking sessions, and meal planning. More information is provided below, but please don’t hesitate to contact me with your questions.

Stress Management Coaching

Our To-Do Lists are never-ending! We are constantly being pulled in all directions.
Chronic stress is toxic to your body. Not only can it create and aggravate inflammation in the body, you also don’t focus as well as you could, your heart takes a strain, relationships suffer, food or substance abuse may begin or worsen, and ultimately you could become depressed or have a total meltdown.
While we cannot avoid all stress in our lives, there are ways to manage it, eliminate some of it, and enjoy life despite of it. Let’s get your life back in order. Let’s get your body feeling better, your mind more at peace, and your life more enjoyable.

3 months minimum coaching
Free consultation, via in-person (Maryland residents only) or webcam
In-person Coaching starting at $539 for 3 months
Online Coaching starting at $499 for 3 months

Learn how to:

  • Prioritize
  • Say “No”
  • Manage your time
  • Find energy with food and exercise
  • Take over that stressful moment with meditation and mindset
  • and much, much more!

**Exclusively available with stress management coaching, I provide meditation/relaxation sessions. You decide how often or how many you would like throughout your coaching. Must be scheduled at least 7 days prior to session.
Payment per session ($20/15-minute session).


  1. Guided meditation, teaching how to focus and clear your mind in order to meditate
  2. Guided breathing and stretching exercises

Manage Stress!

Weight Loss Coaching

Have you battled with weight issues your entire life? Are you a new Mommy and believe in the old saying “You permanently gain 5 pounds with every kid?” Have you suddenly put on pounds since being at your desk job and it’s beginning to take a toll on your health and your mood?
You can read about every diet and workout plan on the internet and still not be able to lose weight. While most of those diets actually harm your health or make you gain another 10 pounds when you stop, my weight loss coaching program doesn’t do any of that. I provide you with science-backed information that makes sense. There’s no deprivation. Most of all, we learn to make these changes sustainable. Don’t get sucked into another fad diet and be disappointed when you gain all the weight back.

3 months minimum coaching
Free consultation, via in-person (Maryland residents only) or webcam
In-person Coaching starting at $539 for 3 months
Online Coaching starting at $499 for 3 months

Lose Weight!

Optimal Health Coaching

At any age, health should be a top priority in your life. The quality of your life is greatly determined by your outlook, how you deal with stress, what you eat, and how your body moves. The choices you make every day -now- will determine your quality of life in the future.
Whether you’re young and hoping to prevent disease in the future, older and want to improve your health now, medicated and wish to reduce your need for pills the natural way, I can help you get where you want to be. Let’s start new habits. Let’s make changes that will make you feel better. Let’s discover how to live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment!

3 months minimum coaching
Free consultation, via in-person (Maryland residents only) or webcam
In-person Coaching starting at $539 for 3 months
Online Coaching starting at $499 for 3 months

Through personal coaching,

you and I will set mini and long-term goals based on your needs and lifestyle. You will learn science-backed health information on diet, nutrition, exercise, attitude, and lifestyle choices. We will work daily to master positive thinking. As your coach, I will hold you accountable to your weekly goals in order to help you reach your Big goals. You no longer have to worry about keeping yourself motivated, as I am here to encourage you along the way. Throughout the week I will check in with you, answer any questions, provide tips to overcome your obstacles, and supply more health information to keep you motivated. Each week we will meet (in person if you live in the DC/Baltimore area), online via webcam, or by phone to talk about various things or whatever is on your mind.

My job is to help you begin new habits, keep you encouraged as you learn, and celebrate each goal victory on your way to better health. When you’ve gotten everything under your belt and can confidently walk along, I step aside, release my hand from yours, and proudly watch you walk on your own.
Grab hold of my hand and let’s start this journey toward your revival.

Optimal Health!

Scientifically Based, Doctor Developed Nutrition Solutions

Take control of your health and learn simple, effective strategies to help prevent disease, sharpen thinking, boost energy, and more!


Daily Inspirations


Did you know that positivity is contagious? Did you know that You have the power to change your mindset?
Each morning you will receive an email from me. It will include an inspirational thought or quote for the day as well as a statement written by me for you to reflection upon or use as a journal prompt. Reading positivity each morning will begin to train your brain to start thinking positively automatically.
No apps to download. No ads. No tricks.
“1 tree can make 1000 matches, but one match can burn 1000 trees. Moral: 1 Negative thought can burn all the Positive thoughts.”

wellness workshops

Wellness Workshops

If you’re looking to dip your toe into healthier habits, a workshop may be exactly what you need. Join me for a fun night of interactive, hands on learning!

I also offer health and wellness workshops for companies wishing to motivate their employees toward better health.

mini sessions

Mini Sessions

Start your journey to better health with mini sessions. Offered through Facebook, in closed group, I create monthly programs focused on a specific aspect of health and wellness.

Visit my Facebook page for more information!


Unique Health Coaching Personalized to Your Life-stage

Optimal wellness begins with having the knowledge, practical tools, and accountability to make, implement, and maintain healthy Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude, and Nutrition choices. I hold a certification in each of these life stages. For any stage in life, I provide personal one-on-one coaching to help you reach your health goals.

Parents & Children

As a mother and wife, I know the struggle to get your family on board toward eating and living more healthy. But I can share with you that it can be done! Kids can eat veggies without putting up a fight. Family time can be fun and active. You are only one step away from receiving valuable tools that will help you learn and practice real solutions for better health. You can learn ways to overcome some of the most common problems faced by families today.
L.E.A.N. Start strategies will help you:

    • Experience improvements in your family’s overall health
    • Have fewer sick days and less time away from school or work
    • Grow your kid’s taste for healthier foods and less junk foods
    • Discover a personalized weight control plan that actually works
    • Experience more active and truly energetic lives

Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

A healthy pregnancy starts before conception and continues after delivery. Dr. Sears’ years of pediatric experience provides relevant and valuable information to both new and experienced moms in all stages of pregnancy.

Coaching is broken down into 3 categories, but you can sign up for more than one, or all three!

  • Prepare RIGHT Now teaches what to avoid and what to do to turn your pregnancy into a healthy new beginning
  • Eat RIGHT Now teaches what to eat so that you and your baby will experience optimal nutrition during pregnancy and beyond
  • Live RIGHT Now teaches mothers how to make a smooth transition from pregnancy to motherhood

Adults & Seniors

It’s never too late to work toward better health! Whether you’re in your 30’s and hope to prevent disease, or in your 60’s and are trying to manage and improve your health, add years to your life and life to your years with Adult & Senior Coaching.

Are you ready to…

  • Prevent disease and unhealthy aging
  • Boost energy levels and reduce stress
  • Sleep better and think sharper
  • Use good nutrition to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Reduce the risk of cancer and ailments such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and arthritis
  • Become fit, strong, and flexible?


Additional Services


Smart Shopping


Don’t let the aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store intimidate you. Shop with confidence when you discover the secret to identifying healthy foods. Receive a suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.


Pantry Revamp


During this interactive home consultation you and your family will learn how to read a nutrition label, which foods to consider replacing with healthier options, insightful cooking and shopping tips, and more!


meal planning

Meal Planning


Finding time to cook healthy meals can be a struggle. After work your kids have you playing chauffeur to dozens of activities, homework needs to get done, and the housework. When do you have the time to cook healthy? Meal planning! This popular craze helps you shop and prep for the week in one sitting. Plus you save money. You’ll first learn all about healthy eating and superfoods. We’ll discuss how to break up the food groups for nutritional value and make balanced, healthy, and most importantly, yummy meals.

Cooking Session


You don’t have to be a master chef to cook healthy meals. I’m a busy, working Mom. While I would love to spend hours in the kitchen making gourmet meals for my family (it’s a hobby of mine that I love), I just don’t have the time. After a full day of working, getting my oldest to do his homework and running after my youngest, and keeping the house from falling apart, I need dinner to be quick and easy. That’s what I teach! Realistic meals for your every day life, learning how to make variations so you’re not bored, and making enough to take leftovers for lunch.