Working from home can have its benefits and challenges. For those not used to this change, it can be quite a different way of life.

You may notice you don’t get as many steps in each day because you’re only walking across the hall to log into work. You may feel isolated and a little unhappy. Here are some tips to help with this transition and keep you healthy.

Microbursts. Gyms are closed and we may not all have equipment in our house to use. Mircobursts only require your body, and maybe a chair. For a few minutes throughout your day, do one or two of these. I’m not talking about a 30-,minute routine. Just pick one or two things and do a few reps. Planks, push-ups, arm dips on the chair, Pilates scissor kicks, burpees, step-ups, etc. A quick Google search can show you how they’re done.

Stair climbing. Taking a 5 minute break in your day and using your staircase is a great way to get your heart pumping and legs burning.

Go outside for a few minutes to get some sun and space. Not having to leave the house, drive, and spend time going from place to place, we lose time in the sun and with fresh air. Take a breather every other hour or so and step outside. Take a few deep breaths and fill your lungs with fresh air.

Keep water at your desk to stay hydrated. If your makeshift office is in a place not close to the kitchen, you may find you’re not filling your water bottle up as often as you would at the office. First thing in the morning, grab your coffee and water bottle and keep it nearby on the desk. Staying hydrated keeps reduces food cravings and moves toxins out of your body.

Stand up while on your Webex call. Offices may be closed and we’re not having in-person meetings, but the meetings still have to happen. After you log in, plug in your Bluetooth headphones or put the call on speaker and walk around the room while you’re in the meeting. You’ll be getting your steps in and a chance to stretch out.

Use the bathroom on the other floor. If you’re in a multi-level home, use a bathroom on another floor to get more steps in and rev up your heart by climbing stairs.

And one Don’t do…
Don’t wear those pjs every day. I know it’s hard. You finally don’t have to get dressed and put on a shirt and tie. I’m not saying dress to the nines, but don’t throw those jeans into a pile and forget about them. People who start wearing expandable waistbands tend to see their waist expand. Wearing jeans and trousers at least every other day keeps your mind aware if things are getting tight and to make some changes to keep from gaining too much while you work from home.

If you’re someone who easily gets sucked into work and losses track of time, set an alarm in your phone to go off multiple times a day, at times that work best for you, to remind you to get up and move.  Starting these at the beginning of this transition will help make them a habit early on.