Chronic Inflammation

How It Affects the Whole Person

Wellness is a whole-person approach.


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Chronic inflammation can change our health and well-being in many different ways.


Chronic inflammation debilitates the body in many different ways. There’s the pain, the discomfort, the mental worry of a flare up, and a dozen other symptoms. Inflammation is a good thing. It’s your body’s reaction to an invader in the body and it’s response to prevent it from hurting the body. Inflammation is good when it does not last long. Inflammation becomes a problem when the body is constantly protecting itself from invaders (toxins, infection) and the immune system attacks health cells (auto-immune disorder). Chronic inflammation is inflammation on overdrive. When the chronic (meaning nonstop) inflammation isn’t treated or corrected, the body sends signals that something is off balance. These signals are pain, swelling, redness, discomfort.
Chronic inflammation can be caused, among other things, by a poor diet. Our bodies were not made to recognize and break down chemicals, preservatives, and unnatural ingredients. The Standard American Diet is over 50% processed foods. Our bodies are going haywire!
But when our bodies are fed natural, nutrient-rich foods, it knows exactly where to send the nutrients to repair and restore cells in the body.


Chronic inflammation plays a huge role in your mental health. Along with the physical pains, the mind tires from constant worry of flare ups. Missing social occasions because of a flare up can lead to depression and feelings of isolation. The stress of having a chronic condition, cost for treatments, or even constant awareness to avoid flare ups causes stress. A physical disease needs just as much attention to the mental aspect for management. Stress reduction, positive thinking, and mindfulness are important aspects of mental health with chronic inflammation diseases.


Whether you believe in God or universal forces, humans yearn to feel a connection to a higher power. This belief answers questions that science cannot. It also provides on outlet for hope and connection. When we’re stressed (physically and mentally), our spirit suffers. Your spirit may be feeling off-balance if you feel lost, confused, alone, or uninspired. If you’re experiencing a sense of hopelessness, your Spirit may be in some need of care.

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