I love to read. Always have. Whenever I can get a few minutes of quiet and alone time (which is hard when you’re working two jobs and have two young kids), I crack open a book and allow myself to get lost. My interests span many genres from World War II dramas (fiction and nonfiction), to autobiographies, to chik lit. My attention also focuses in on specific subjects, such as health, yoga practices, religious beliefs, and parenting.

Here are some books I would love to recommend to any of my clients who are looking for guidance and knowledge in improving their physical and mental well-being. I have just finished these recently. I will add others to new posts when I’ve completed them (I have about 8 new books I’ve received between my birthday in October and Christmas).


Prime Time Health by Dr. William Sears

If you are an adult, concerned about your physical health, this book is a must-read. Whether you are younger and hope to prevent illness and disease in the future, or are older and trying to manage or cure it, this book is written for all. In Dr. Sear’s amazing talent of sharing science in a language anyone can understand, you will not need a dictionary or medical textbook beside you while reading this. Everything is written out and explained in easy-to-understand words.

Dr. Sears covers nutrition, movement, and stress management. He goes into detail about joint pain, breathing issues, eyesight, and hearing. He discusses how to live with your prescription pills, but living better than that-learning skills to help manage your health as well.


The Book of Joy: The Dalai Lama, Desmond Tutu, Douglas Abrams

This is one of the most inspirational books I have ever read. The relationship between these two men is outstanding. It is pure beauty. It is pure innocence and absolute respect. It touches your soul, makes you yearn to be in their presence, and ignites excitement to live this way in your life. It gives hope to all to get along with others who are different from us.

But this book is more than looking at a relationship between two spiritual men who are worlds apart. I on numerous occasions had to put this book down to contemplate what they shared in those pages.  It was almost a type of meditation. Sometimes I put the book down in utter amazement. They share enlightenment.  They discuss situations in life that can be easily applied to your own. They offer solutions and guidance to think differently and alter your reactions. These men get down real low and into it real deep, looking at how we live our lives and how Joy and Happiness are never far off from our reach.

Even if you struggle to acknowledge and manage your emotions and mind, just reading this book should give you a sense of peace and hope. The Joy and Happiness that emit from these two men comes clearly across the page and into your heart.  Just looking at the pictures included inside, you can see the pure Joy in their faces and being.

Like many books, I did not want this to end. I stalled finishing it because of the calm, and excitement, I obtained from its pages I didn’t want to fade.  I will definitely keep this close at hand to reread in the future. And if there’s ever an opportunity to meet these men, you better move over as I plow past to be first in line!

Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley

Mommas! (and anyone else who is parenting), this one is for you. We live in a world where we are constantly comparing ourselves to everyone else. We see everyone’s “highlight wheel” on social media and never get an inside look at all the miserable, tough times. We think we are the only ones. On top of that, we have way too much information at our finger tips. We self-scrutinize and guilt ourselves for not being perfect or having life figured out.

When we’re overwhelmed and have too much on our plates, we miss out on things in life and with our loved ones. Emily helps you learn the importance of saying “No.” to simplify and manage your life better. By making priorities and doing what’s best for you and your family, happiness is more easily obtained. She also provides to us a voice we often cannot hear, telling us, “You are enough.  You do enough.”