Additional Services*

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*Some of the below services are included in personalized coaching programs.
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Stress Workshop


Get exclusive videos on my Top 5 Tips for managing stress in your crazy, busy life and getting a handle on things again.
Bonus: Printable pdf to hang up in the office or at home as a daily reminder.

Relaxation Session

$5 (per session 10-20 minutes)

Need help relaxing and finding calm? Guided relaxations, meditations, or mindfulness sessions can be booked to help you find your inner calm.  To discover what technique might work for your needs, please contact me to discuss (

Daily Inspirations


Did you know that positivity is contagious? Did you know that You have the power to change your mindset? Reading positivity each morning will begin to train your brain to start thinking positively automatically.

What you get: an inspirational thought or quote every morning via email with a reflection to use as a journal prompt or to meditate on.

No apps to download. No ads. No tricks. “1 tree can make 1000 matches, but one match can burn 1000 trees. Moral: 1 Negative thought can burn all the Positive thoughts.”  

Smart Shopping


Don’t let the aisles and aisles of choices at the grocery store intimidate you. Shop with confidence when you discover the secret to identifying healthy foods. Receive a suggested brand(s) shopping list and personalized attention during this fun shopping trip.

Pantry Revamp


During this interactive home consultation you and your family will learn how to read a nutrition label, which foods to consider replacing with healthier options, insightful cooking and shopping tips, and more!

Meal Planning


Finding time to cook healthy meals can be a struggle. After work your kids have you playing chauffeur to dozens of activities, homework needs to get done, and the housework. When do you have the time to cook healthy? Meal planning! This popular craze helps you shop and prep for the week in one sitting. Plus you save money. You’ll first learn all about healthy eating and superfoods. We’ll discuss how to break up the food groups for nutritional value and make balanced, healthy, and most importantly, yummy meals.

Cooking Session


You don’t have to be a master chef to cook healthy meals. But you need to cook in order to make improvements in healthy eating.

I’m a busy, working Mom. While I would love to spend hours in the kitchen making gourmet meals for my family (it’s a hobby of mine that I love), I just don’t have the time. After a full day of working, getting my oldest to do his homework and running after my youngest, and keeping the house from falling apart, I need dinner to be quick and easy. That’s what I teach! Realistic meals for your every day life, learning how to make variations so you’re not bored, and making enough to take leftovers for lunch.