About 6 months prior to this picture being taken, these jeans were so tight I almost threw them out to go buy the next size up. I started following the now weight loss program I teach and was able to lose weight and go down a size.


Have you ever tried a commercial weight loss program? There are millions of people who have tried them. Have you noticed that the majority seem to still be overweight and unhappy? How can this be? These companies have money to throw at the top scientists, research facilities, personal trainers, and gurus. You would think they would have a fail-proof formula that could cure obesity.

But yet, if you know anyone who’s been on one of those programs and ate the company’s foods (or if you have), they seem to have left before reaching their ultimate goal. They leave because they don’t see results and are discouraged and tired of putting their money into it. It’s rare when someone finishes the program having lost all the weight they set out to loose. And most never keep it off for long. They end up signing up again, or to a different company, to lose it all again.

These companies are businesses. In order to have a business, you must make money. But these are a different kind of business, one that is not in it for your health and well-being. They’re in it to make billions of dollars–for themselves. The easiest way to increase profits: hold people back from ever reaching their goal but let them succeed enough to think they’re getting somewhere. They’ll never leave. Or they’ll have lost just enough to come back when they head south again on their own.

That’s their business model. It’s a trick. And guess what, they don’t really care about their customers. They care about the money.

The truth is you do not need special meals and snacks portioned out and filled with chemicals to lose weight. But that’s what they make you believe. So of course as soon as you stop buying those foods, you’ll gain the weight back. As long as you keep a membership and buy their food they are racking in the *cha ching*. Real weight loss, that will last the rest of your life, comes from education on science-backed research about nutrition. Being lean does not require purchasing special, pre-packaged meals. In fact, nutrition education teaches and proves that pre-packaged foods are the worst foods to consume. Real nutrition comes from Real Food.

These programs also lack the personal, and personalized, coaching to work with you to change your habits.  Anyone can buy a pre-made meal and eat it, but what happens when you’re tired of their food and want to make your own dinner? How do you do that? You could read the ingredients list on the pre-made meal, but it doesn’t give you a recipe on how to recreate it at home. So when you’re ready to take control over your food and no longer buy pre-made food (and save some money), how do you start making the change at home? Does the weight loss company come to your house and show you how to cook? Email you daily and come up with ideas that fit into your life and schedule? No, they don’t. But Health Coaches do!

I’m a Health Coach. I care about my clients. You are not a “customer”. I care more about you making sustainable lifestyle changes than keeping you stringing along just to get more money. I genuinely care about people. I care about your well-being. I care about your health. I care about how you feel. I care about what you want to achieve. And I care enough to educate you, motivate you to change your habits, and then set you free when you’re ready to continue your health journey alone because you’ve implemented all the knowledge you’ve learned.

“I treat every client like my best friend. You have my undivided attention and care.”

I became a health coach because I saw how diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices changed my health. I know that healthy food can make an incurable disease manageable. I know exercise can boost energy more than a Red Bull, and heal your body from inside out. I have personally seen the transformation in life by thinking more positively and learning how to deal with stress in healthy ways. I’ve helped family members get healthy, and I want every one to have that opportunity. But to do it in the right way.

Crash diets, depriving yourself of certain categories of food, and extreme workouts don’t make health changes sustainable. After awhile it becomes too much and too hard. You burn out. And you return to your old habits. Weight comes back on, muscle tone is lost, and guilt settles in.

I don’t sell products. Period. I don’t tell you to restrict your calorie intake to starvation mode. I don’t encourage working out until you pass out or can’t walk.

I educate on true nutritional eating. I teach how to make these changes sustainable in your life. Sure, Oprah and Fergie (which she gained weight back, by the way, when she stopped) can go on and on about their weight loss, but I’m pretty sure your budget, daily routine, and time are not the same as theirs.  And I definitely won’t shame you by you weighing in on a scale.

I share ways to move more that fit into your fitness level. Whether you haven’t moved in a long time and need to start slow and easy, or are used to working out but need a challenge to pass that plateau, I work with your level of fitness and comfort. Without extreme exercise regimes, you’ll safely get your body back into shape.

I also build your confidence and give you the tools to understand why it’s important to eat nutritiously and why these commercial programs do not work long-term.

There is no counting abstract “points”.  I don’t even let you look at the calorie count on the label. There are no tiny, pre-made meals to purchase. I can teach you how to choose the right foods. -real foods that let you eat as much as you want. You’ll never feel hungry and deprived.  At the same time, you don’t have to say goodbye to your favorite, less healthy, foods forever. I will teach you how to fit them into your life.

You’ll feel so much better, have more energy, feel more alert, and feel lighter. And you’ll have a real hand to hold instead of a log in prompt to get you there.

Your body is meant to be so much more than a burden, pain, and inconvenience. Let’s restore it to it’s natural wonder and abundant life!