Do you hear your intuition?
That little nudging voice that’s telling you do something, or not do something.
That feeling in your gut that something’s just not right.
Do you follow it?
Intuition can be many different things. It can be that sudden urge to reach out to someone and check in on them? It’s that sense that something bad may happen. It’s an overwhelming knowing that something is true before it happens, and you don’t have the reasoning to explain it or know why you feel it’s truth.
For some, this gut feeling may feel like butterflies in the stomach. For myself, my gut feeling hits me in one of two ways:
  1. an overwhelming sense to do or not do something. It feels like a heat flooding over me, starting from my head all the way through to my feet. As if the sun just peaked out from behind the clouds and the rays are reaching me with all its might.
  2. a sense of just knowing something is true. I do not doubt it, I don’t know How I know it. I just know it’s Truth. I feel the truth in my heart, unquestioning. Much like how people who have a faith in a higher being. They believe it to be the only truth and follow it.


I’m a huge believer in tuning into my intuition and most of all, following it.
I have many experiences I could share, small and big.-I’ll share my biggest…
Morning of Jan 25, 2014.
I needed to return a shirt to H&M in the local mall.
We were all dressed and ready to run the day’s errands. I quickly ran upstairs to grab the shirt and receipt off of my dresser.
As I picked them up I felt a drop in my stomach, and I felt an overwhelming sense of, “Don’t go. Not today, Marie.”
I listened. Instead, we only went to Ikea. As we were leaving Ikea, my grandma (living in upstate NY) called me. She had just heard of a shooting at my mall and wanted to be sure we were okay. Three people were killed that day, and the mall was on lock down for hours.
Could you imagine had we been there? My son was 2 years old at the time. What kind of trauma may that have caused him being so young and stuck in the mall? What if we were went near the store where the shooting happened at that moment? I listened to that voice that said do this errand another day. And I’m so glad I did. That biggest connection to listening to my gut and seeing what could have happened solidified my belief to always listen in, even when you think it’s silly and nothing could really happen by ignoring it.

So, how can you better tune into your intuition?

  • Trust the feeling each time: As you do, it will grow stronger and stronger
  • Be in tune to your entire body: Check in with your body throughout the day. Do you feel pain somewhere? Discomfort? Are you feeling good, strong, and healthy? Listening to how your body feels heightens your awareness of any other feelings your body is signalling, including intuition.
  • Meditate: Learning to block out outside noise and distractions, as well as racing thoughts of today’s To Do List, allows your mind and body to relax, connect, and tune into messages.
  • Journal: allowing all thoughts and emotions to be written onto paper, clears your mind to make room for more productive thoughts and rids it of repetitive distractions. It also allows you to explore your emotions and thoughts deeper, creating a greater sense of your self.
  • When in a situation, ask yourself: “How do I feel about this situation/decision?”: Focus in on how your body feels. Are you tense? Excited? Nervous? Are you afraid? Fear is the root of many decisions. Are you afraid in a way that protects yourself? Or are you afraid of the unknown, which won’t hurt you even if you proceed, and are uncomfortable with a change?
  • Pray or ask for guidance: Many times we just need to ask, and the answer presents itself to us.
There may be many times when you follow this gut feeling and have no idea if in doing so you were correct to trust it or not. It may be a ripple affect that in actuality does not effect you at all. Your intuition is set to keep you safe (like that creepy feeling as a woman knows when she walks around at night, feeling unsafe and vulnerable to attack, and keeps having the urge to check behind her as she walks). Your intuition is also set to keep others safe as well. In this case, your actions or non-actions, could have changed the fate of someone else. Even though in those instances we feel as though we were “off” or “wrong” to follow the gut feeling because we didn’t notice a change, there may be a time in the future when someone tells you how it actually worked out in their life. Staying in tune and following your intuition each time makes it stronger and stronger.